Pirates of the Sun: Governor's Castle
Pirate Francisco and the Sunshine Galeo

-I'm bored, think of something to do I beg you - said young Francisco grimly, while he was chewing a cod's fishbone on a little forgotten Caribbean island. Two of his friends looked away from the window, where they were watching full of sugar governor's cane boat, looked at their friend and... turned around again. There was no one else in the tavern till the evening, when there was music and rum flowed like rivers.

- Let's become pirates! - shouted Francisco.
- Are you serious? Piracy is bad, apart from that the governor would make fish fingers out of us - said a tall freckled ginger friend of Francisco – let's go fishing it will freshen you up.
Before Francisco commented on Big John's brilliant idea someone went loudly into the tavern. All three of the friends quickly stood up and grabbed something to defend themselves. It came out however, that it was only a dark skinned little scared boy.
- Gentleman, please help me! Governor's soldiers want to lock me up! - begged the boy.
- Jump in here, quickly! - said Leo, who was the only one to remain cold-blooded, and covered the barrel with a lid and sat calmy with his pipe.
Minutes later two armed soldiers rushed into the tavern...

Release date: 2013(?)
Age: 5+
Systems: PC / Mac / iPad / Android / Windows8

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