The Pirates of the Crimson Crew: Whaler's Treasure
Greybeard - the crimson pirate

Meet Greybeard - a coconut hating crimson pirate! Before he became the captain if his scary galleon named Swordfish, he spent 7 years on a desert island inhabited only by palm trees. While drowning his tears in coconut milk he came across a whale trapped on the sand.

Greybeard made a pact with the whale – in exchange for giving a ride on the whales back to the nearest pirate cove, he will keep the animal wet with water protecting him from the sun.

When the high tide came the whale managed to swim away and agreed to take Greybeard with him...the pirate never ever touched coconut shreds again.

Release date: 2013(?)
Age: 5+
Systems: PC / Mac / iPad / Android / Windows8

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