The Robot Tournament

The Robot Tournament is our biggest game. The scene of the game is at the Academy of Informatics and Robotics and through applications like Photoshop, Excel or Word you have to carry out an investigation at the campus. You also have to write simple SQL, LOGO and graphical programs. Exercises are simple with full help. The idea of the program is to make computer learning and programming easy and interesting.

The game begins with Anna and Felix starting their studies at a prestigious Academy. This is very old school, established by Benedictins in XV century. In XIX century the old gothic buildings were rebuilt and school started teaching engineers. In XX century academy changed its profile to modern technologies and professors built a Central Computer. But then something goes wrong ...

In Robot Tournament, we lead our heroes through adventure. We also resolve many logical games which are usually very close to the real problems which programmers, illustrators or accountants meet.

Release date: 2008
Age: 10+
Requirements: procesor 700 Mhz, 128 MB RAM

Scenario: Dominik Dagiel
Illustrations and animations: Andrzej Dąbrowski, Marek Nawrocki
Programming: Dominik Dagiel
Music: Karol Nepelski


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