The History of Mankind 3: Mesopotamia
Sumerian Lyre from Ur

  • How was the wheel invented?
  • What is a potter's wheel?
  • What is a chariot?
  • How to make a lute out of horns and a turtle’s shell?
  • How did the Hanging Gardens of Semiramis look like?
  • How to bake clay vessels
  • How was the arch invented?
  • What is a mill?
  • What did the city of Babylon look like?
  • 365 ways of using a dalt palm
  • How were enemy towns besieged and conquered?
  • What are siege engines?
  • What is cuneiform writing?
  • How did the first plough with a seeder work?
  • What is a kofa and a kelek?
  • How to make a house of reed - a zorife
  • How were the first metal sculptures made?
  • How did the Babylonians build a tunnel under a river?
  • How did the walls of Jericho collapse?
King Sargon of Akkad
The King's helmet

The program „Mesopatamia” takes us into the fascinating world of the ancient civilisation of the middle east. We explore the greatest inventions of that time, how they built their homes, great palaces and entire cities. We reveal how they created the letters from which todays alphabet, used in all languages in the world, was derived and how the first wheel came into existence. We probe the artists' beautiful sculptures made from bronze and gold, monuments made from stone and elaborately sculptured and painted musical instruments.

Portal Guardian from Nimrud

In addition to the educational games and quizzes we also have a story about an old merchant called Abraham and his wise daughter Ramida who saved a city from Goliath and his army.

A mill driven by an ox
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The Ishtar Gate of Babylon
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