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Life in the Gord of Mirmilowo is quite monotonous, every day is virtually the same. Sometimes someone cuts the cow loose from its leash or they get an unannounced visit from the bandit knights but for most of the time Prince Mirmil army dreams mainly about how they can can get an extra portion during lunch. Well that's true at least for one of the warriors Kokosz but as for his friend Kajko he is only interested in activities fit for a knight.

The idyllic but also quite tedious life of the villagers of Mirmilowo is interrupted by the arrival of traders from the west.They gladly welcome the traders (especially the women). None of them though suspect that the new collection of dresses, scarfs, colourful shoes for the women and strong sandals for the men will soon be the least of things remembered about this visit. This is all because of Hodon the cunning merchant who convinces Mirmil to build a luxiorious stone castle at the expense of the people. Hodon convices Mirmil that a bulwark made of wood and soil is not fit for a Castellan. Mirmil is exceedingly impressed by Hodons' ideas so much that he gives him the position of his most trusted advisor and raises the taxes inorder to build his new castle.

- Kajko przygodę powinni¶my rozpocz±ć od małej przek±ski.
- Zostaw budzik żarłoku!

Kajko and Kokosz is our latest adventure game which we are currently working on with illustrators from Honey Flavour. It's going to be a classical point 'n' click adventure game with mini logical-skill games . We guarantee you great fun and lots of humour in the lengendary world of our Slavic ancestors.

It is also with great pleasure that we would like to inform you that Kajko and Kokosz has already stirred up a lot of interest amongst the publishers and the public whilst still in production so much that we decided to create a 3 part series. Kajko and Kokosz therefore is going to be a 3 part series:

„Mirmilowo the Great” * „The Corporals' ruse” * „The final showdown”

Age: 6+
Requirements: processor 1Ghz, 1GB RAM

Graphics: Agnieszka Sakra, Maciej Sojka, Andrzej D±browski
Scenario and programming: Dominik Dagiel
Music: Filip Seweryn
Publisher: Egmont Polska
Kajko i Kokosz (c) J. Christa / Egmont Polska


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