Computer science - understand and program your computer
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It's an innovative product which emphasizes practical aspects and interactive way of writing software. In this way the ability of understanding and remembering material is greater than what books offer. Until now there wasn't any software that would show to the user basics of logistic, electronic, programming of microprocessors through higher level of programming and operation of the Linux system.

Friendly graphics, humor and both expanded and intuitive system of helps cause computer science to be pleasing. Rich material based on a program of studies of engineering ensures cohesive and comprehensive insight into the most important aspects of computer science especially when there is no requirements on the user's part who begins this course to have any knowledge as to programming or concepts of computer science.

Release date: 2007
Age: 10+
Requirements: processor 500 Mhz, 64 MB RAM

Author: Dominik Dagiel

It is especially recommended to beginning programmers and high school students that desire to study computer science (also to junior university students who desire to become familiar with the basics before their lectures).

Lesson 1: Logic
Lesson 2: Gates AND, OR
Lesson 3: Exercises
with gates
Lesson 4: Binary numbers
Lesson 5: Programming
1-bit processor
Lesson 6: Programming
Lesson 7: C programming
Lesson 8: Programming
robot in objective language
Lesson 9: Computer
graphics basis
Lesson 10: Hardware
Lesson 11: Linux
Operating System

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