The History of Mankind 4: Greece
Archer - reconstruction of sculpture made 2500 years ago
The monument of Zeus

The next programme in the History of mankind series explores the ancient Greek civilisation. It unravels the Minoan, Mycenaean and Cretan culture. It mainly looks at the daily responsibilities and life in an ancient Greek community, army, the development of art, architecture and technology in medicine

The golden monument of Atena

Just like in our previous programmes, the new series extensilvely covers how buildings, inventions and many other things used today came to be. The new series brings to light several Greek achivements by great Greek thinkers, philosophers and engineers. You will discover that their discoveries and ideas are still in use today, 1000 years after they were first revealed.

The head of Kariatyda - today and in ancient times
  • How did contemporary Greek letters evolve?
  • How was the Colossus of Rhodes constructed?
  • What is a Greek acropolis?
  • How to reconstruct an ancient sculpture
  • What is red-figure painting?
  • When and where did the first books appear?
  • Where do theatrical performances come from?
  • How to store ice without fridges
  • What did the Knossos Palace look like?
  • How did the first olympic games look like?
  • Did the Amazons really exist?
  • What is a caryatid?
  • How is the Tomb of Agamemnon built?
  • What is a cithara and a barbiton?
  • What did a Greek trireme look like?
  • Who were Heinrich Schliemann and sir Arthur Evans?
  • Did the mythical Troy really exist?
  • How did the Greeks use optical illusions?
  • Who were Pitagoras, Hippocrates and Archimedes?

The statue of Athena inside the Parthenon
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A Propylaea - the entrance to the Acropolis, 2010
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A Propylaea – the reconstruction, 430 BC
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Published: 2010
Age: no limits
Requirements: processor 800 Mhz, 256 MB RAM

Scenario: Andrzej Dąbrowski i Dominik Dagiel
Graphics: Andrzej Dąbrowski
Programming: Dominik Dagiel


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