The History of Mankind: Egypt
Pharaoh wearing a nemes
A pyramid

  • How to close a pyramid
  • How to close a sarcophagus
  • How to bake bread
  • How to build a pyramid
  • How to build a temple
  • How to cut stone
  • How to make a stone vase
  • What did an egyptian drill look like?
  • What is a sphinx?
  • How to make a boat
  • How to read hieroglyphs
  • Who was Pharaoh?
  • What instruments did the Egyptians play?
  • What is a nemes?
  • How to join planks
  • How to furnish a flat
  • What kind of weapons were used?
  • What was the price of iron?
  • How to make papyrus
  • ... and many, many other things ...


"Egypt" is an educational adventure game which covers a wide range of topics. Learn about Egyptian inventions, buildings and culture and use this knowledge to solve the riddles in the great adventure of Cheti.

The program consist of 4 parts: a huge presentation, adventure game, educational games and a test. For those who like stories, there's the story of professor Michalowski's expedition which relates how after a long research they find an ancient grave with two sarcophags. On the wall there is a story, written in hieroglyphs, about Cheti and his wife princess Cynthia...

Royal family

Release date: 2009
Age: no limits
Requirements: processor 800 Mhz, 256 MB RAM

Scenario: Andrzej Dąbrowski and Dominik Dagiel
Illustrations: Andrzej Dąbrowski
Programming: Dominik Dagiel
Music: Karol Nepelski

Battle between the Egyptians and
the Nubians (click to enlarge)
Cheti and Bari searching for princess
Cynthia (click to enlarge)
Professor Michalowski and engineer
Drucki entering the tombs (click to enlarge)


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