About us

Welcome to our webpage. We have been developing educational games for children and adults since 2005.

Our goal is to create exceptional programmes for children. We want time spent on the computer to be time well spent. Our games therefore boast of an expanse base of knowledge and interesting facts. Intentionally we avoid 3D technology because we view it as artficial. This is why all our programmes are firstly created on paper and sometimes on a tablet. Manually coloured figures and backgrounds are much more attractive and have a unique appearance.

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Our programs

When choosing a subject for our programmes we always look for something we are passionate about. We strive to make each programme unique, with elements not found in any other programme or game. Therefore working on these programmes is also quite an amazing adventure for us.

We approach every programme like a book of great knowledge, we search for information from professional publications and libraries. Our aim is to prove that a well created computer games can be a good source of knowledge just like books and films.

Some of the parents state that they themselves have learnt many new interesting things which they didn't know before. It is not surprising, therefore, that from 2007 the History of Mankind series is being used as a teaching aid in some Slovakian and Czech schools.

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